Boredom Is Literally Killing You

Do you think boredom can literally kill you?

“I am bored to death!” the common saying goes. This phrase is tossed around so frequently, we fail to realize the lingering truth behind it. Although boredom does not kill you directly, there are some truth behind it. Chronic boredom leads your body, physically and emotionally, on a slipper slope to its imminent death. Let’s face it – boredom is killing you.

Do not let that frighten you too much. It is only in the extreme case that people fall victim to chronic boredom to an extent that it physiologically affects all aspects of their bodily functions. Boredom causes depression, and depression is related to heart disease. You know what the number killer in America is? Heart disease.

Aside from depression, there are several other symptoms that chronic boredom instills in us. Boredom consequently triggers unhealthy habits, such as, smoking, drinking, consuming junk food, and inactivity, all of which can kill us. Also, consider that boredom is very prevalent in menial office jobs, where workers are very stagnant for long hours out of the day. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is not a normal human activity. Humans are dying in slow motion. Humans are not built for constant inactivity.

What can you do?

One way to combat the debilitating affects of boredom is to simply shift your focus onto how you can contribute your time to others. Think of it like volunteering, or doing some charity work. People who engage in these productive activities report more happiness, fulfillment and longevity in their lives. It essentially gives you a sense of purpose when you stray away from the “me, me, me” mindset.

Do not fall victim from chronic boredom. Quit your boring job, if you are bold enough. Find a career in a stimulating environment you love. Also, if you have the determination, try to squeeze in exercise throughout your day. Just one hour of exercise is 4% of your day. Making a habit out of this will reverse the years the boredom has already cut out of your life, and there is no reason to make an excuse. Shall we cheers to a long life?

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