Cure Disease with Positive Thinking

Is the positive thinking cure a myth?

Your brain is the epicenter of your entire life. There is nothing a brain can’t do, including the power to think positive. It does everything for you – think, sleep, eat, socialize and allows you to perceive the world around you. Having this in mind, you can have the power to positively think your way to cure disease and cancer. Reading and understanding this sentence is the work of your own brain.

The thought that thinking positive has the potential to cure disease can immediately have critics debunk the theory. It seems out of this world and quite imaginative. Sounds too good to be true, right? With science to back this theory up, you would not be second guessing again.

The idea that thinking positive can mend disease is backed up by research from a Harvard study. In a 30-year period, over 447 participants went under a comprehensive evaluation for their mental and physical health. At the end of the study, the results were consistent with the initial evaluation. Patients who were positive to begin with turned out to have a better outcome on eight measures of physical health and mental functioning. Although researchers do not know the exact cause of how optimism can lead to lower risk of disease, it just may be a topic for more further research.



Because the brain literally is the epicenter of our entire life, we can use this to our advantage. Your life is really what you think of it. There are a lot of inter-connections with the brain the rest of the human body – your thoughts can physiologically affect your body in every way. For example, it is like how stress can increase cortisol levels in the body, thus lowering metabolism, which then causes weight gain. It is not a mythical concept. It is true down to the cellular level.

Like the placebo effect, if you think that a drug will make you feel better, that is usually enough to do its job. It is slightly related to the self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you will do well, then that just may be the case. The one take-away from this is to have the willpower to think positively. Amid all chaos going in your life, maybe, just maybe, having a positive mindset will be enough to turn your entire life around.


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