Ignore Those Naysyers


Anyone who dreamt of wild ambitions more than likely encountered some naysayers along the way. It is inevitable. It is so pervasive, you literally can’t avoid it. As you get along with everything fine and have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, it all comes to a sudden halt the moment a leech hears about it. Another human being, no better than you, tells you right off the bat you are never going to make it. It’s impossible. You are going to fail. Maybe you shouldn’t try. Ignore naysayers. They do more harm than good.

It is soul-crushing. You know what they are saying is uncalled for, but then you begin to think that they may be right. Who are they to say such a thing? You let it slide and then the moment you face some slip ups, you think they were right all along. Eventually, you give up. A potential dream is now non-existent all due to a naysayer. It’s criminal.

The one thing worse than an actual criminals are naysayers. They are serial dream killers. From an in-depth analysis (of my own life), I have come to the realization that those serial dream killers have not really accomplished much, or at most, turn out “average”. Because you have a dream far beyond that of a naysayer, do not stoop down to t heir level. Perhaps they have no dream that they have the time and energy to kill yours. Maybe they are jealous? We can hypothesize several different reasons for why they are like this, but we would just be wasting valuable time, while we could have been doing something productive – like executing our dream. The very fact that you have a dream, you are already one, maybe even million steps ahead of them. Please do not give them the power to reverse all you have worked for.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

When you understand the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy, you can use this to your advantage. The self-fulfilling prophecy is when the result is affected by its expectations. For example, a teacher thinks her student is stupid. The student picks up on the cues from the teacher thinking he stupid. Due to this, the teacher does not focus on the student, doesn’t challenge him, and the student does not work as hard because he doesn’t believe in himself, nor does the teacher. As a result, the student performs poorly.

What is saddening is his poor performance will reinforce the teacher’s belief that he is stupid. It is a slippery slope hard to fix. Off topic: This is a glitch we have in our education and parenting system that needs to be addressed.


With all this being said, let’s not point the blame towards the naysayer. They pose no benefit in the world. It all boils down to you. The best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to ignore them. Better yet, use t heir doubts to your advantage. Prove t hem wrong. Work harder against that doubt. After all, we were all born on the same slate. Not a single person is better, nor worse, th an you.


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